In collaboration with netzwerk n, AG Klima, UdK AStA and KKN, we participated in the workshop "Creating sustainable futures where you stand // transforming universities". The workshop was part of the two-day event "Responding to Crisis – Interventions for Sustainable" from 22.–23.10.2021 at UdK in the framework of the pre-project for a new Einstein Center Climate Change

As a segment of the thematic track "Spaces of Cohabitation", we wanted to start where we are right now: at our universities. The spaces and structures offer ideal conditions for un-learning how we organize ourselves, become active, experiment, and provide fertile ground for creating new initiatives that can work individually from the infrastructures they emerged. 

How can we change the institutions surrounding us to accommodate the perception and understanding of a social-ecological way of life to respond to the climate crisis? What opportunities are there to become free radicals within the given infrastructures of the systems we find ourselves in? 

Together, we examined what initiatives are presently active at the UdK, which inspiring projects exist so far, and what actions have effectively already worked out to change aged structures. The groups at the workshop reflected on new ways to work more closely and in cooperation to bundle their efforts.

(Nico Herzog, Julia Rosenstock)