Following last years off-site residency, a number of members and affiliates of Klasse Klima gathered for one week at the Stechlin Institut in Neuroofen, Brandenburg to reflect on last years activism and work on current projects. Also the groundwork for the upcoming seminar Acting on climate activism at the UdK (Berlin University of Arts) was done, as well as work for last years founded official non-profit association, the organizational and financial framework for all future activities.
The landscape and architecture of the Institute, a former Prussian mansion, is today a living sculpture based on eco-sufficiency, accomodating working artists and activists in the woods.
On site the group also had the opportunity to visit the Biohof Kepos, get to know its concept of decentralized farming and to harvest our own crops, as well as to go to the forest with Peter from the village picking mushrooms and to support Stef from the Stechlin Institute in a tree trunk action in the forest.
We were also happy to receive the belated award "Allerbeste Intitiative 2021" from the Stechlin Institute for working towards a structural ecological shift in creative education and beyond.

(Marla Gaiser, Johanna Czech, Alisa, Patrick Mahr, Katharina Brenner, Nico Herzog, Milli Keil, Lili Hillerich, Bea Mensing, Polly Bruchlos, Antonia Grohmann, Lena Schubert, Isabell Schnalle, Leon Erhorn)