Machtkritisch(es) Theater w/ Klasse Klima
Can Theatre Act On Climate Justice? An Improvisation Of Solidarity

Theatre is part of the climate crisis and its power structures. This view increasingly motivates performing artists to identify with the climate justice movement. They act as activists, claim stages and streets. What works, needs and conflicts emerge in this process, and how are they connected to traditions, privileges, and their disruption? This event invites activists, artists, friends and critics to collectively negotiate the political agency of theatre in the climate crisis.

Hosted by the collective Klasse Klima, the evening will begin with a discussion of their seminar “Acting on Climate Justice”, which linked theatre and activism. The bottom-up seminar was held weekly at UdK last, winter while radical climate protests spread across Berlin, and ended with a controversial public performance. A narration of this intense journey will kick off the event, before all guests will be invited to engage and to bring up their own visions and questions. The discussion will be structured through a series of participatory performative experiments led by Klasse Klima. The event will be a space to practice solidarity for all those reflecting and acting on climate justice.

7pm, April 19, 2023 at Berliner Ringtheater, hosted by Klasse Klima
Address: Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin
(Alisa Tretau, Lena Schubert, Lakaaysha van Ewijk)