What can we know about car corporations’ sponsoring activities in the fields of art and design? „Kindly Supported“ is an artistic research workshop where participants can contribute to producing knowledge about art's dependency on fossil-related sponsoring and equitable funding alternatives.

The first physical iteration of the workshop will take place as part of the exhibition „This Is Not A Test“ at Ernst-Reuter-Platz, August 12-13, 2023. Throughout the opening hours, you can join the research office, discuss, bring sources or look through the sponsoring library. Additionally, you can work on research prompts ranging from the poetic to the investigative, or add your own prompts.

On the long term, the workshop aims to create more transparency about the environmental cost of the car company’s arts sponsoring. It will also collect reparative and transformative practices that address both the precarity in the arts and the urgency of climate justice.

If you cannot join the physical iteration of the workshop, you can collaborate remotely by contributing materials, questions or answers. Please reach out to

(Lena Schubert)

Zu finden als ein Teil von THIS IS NOT A TEST! am 12.08.23 und 13.08.23 im BHROX Bauhaus Reuse.