In order to care about the things we care about, we have to look after ourselves.

As part of this year’s theme at Berlin University of the Arts Studium Generale Kollisionen week „Bodies in Crisis“, we will dedicate ourselves to exploring techniques of collective care outside of the capitalist ’self-care industry‘. As people involved in critical exchange about the climate, racism, ableism and other crucial issues of our time, the emotional impact on us can be exhaustive, but can also be seen as a productive tool for thinking about our entanglements with these issues.

Guests as part of the project week: Lucy Powell (artist and activist), Clementine Burnley (writer, storyteller, facilitator) and Le Elias Lyngholm (doctor and health activist)

We organized and conducted the workshop in collaboration with Prof. Sophia New(HZT, Studium Generale, plan b) and Prof. Daniel Belasco Rogers (Studium Generale, plan b).

(Julia Rosenstock, Katharina Brenner)