We've shouted it out loud at demonstrations - but what does climate justice actually mean? And why is it so important in the current discourse around the climate crisis? In the same sentence, climate justice means social justice and questioning hierarchies and old structures. Cities are spaces of the future and thus projection surfaces and bearers of hope for such great values as justice and freedom. However, the consequences of the climate crisis are unevenly distributed. Experts from the water industry, for example, gave us input on this in the hybrid seminar. The regular meetings that followed as part of the Free Radicals program in the Floating University Berlin gave space for the practical testing of what we had learned, or the artistic implementation of climate activist approaches. The result was an audio walk, a zine, and various performances.

(Arianna Cecchetto, Antonia Grohmann, Josepha Fliedner, Marla Gaiser, Roya Haupt, Lisa Hoffmann, Adele Bea Mensing)