NEW ENERGY - planetary knowledge in the curriculum!

Block seminar, German/English, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS

When: Friday to Saturday 31.05.-01.06., and Friday to Saturday, 28-29.06., exact times will be announced after registration
Updates: https://klasseklima.org/ and on Instagram
Registration : sose24@klasseklima.org by 15.04.

Klasse Klima invites you to a visionary brainstorm semester. We want to move away from discussing problems and instead explore how we can learn, live and design with climate justice in the future.
Over the course of the semester, we will also develop concepts for basic studies within the planetary boundaries at the UdK.

What materials and resources flow through our heads and melt between our hands when we work artistically in times of climate crisis? Where do we find new energy for the institution of the art academy, which is in need of a fundamental transformation? What do creative practices and artistic structures look like in which materials are not exploited and energy is not consumed - and power and access are redistributed?

Klasse Klima is an open, autonomous and transdisciplinary collective that conveys the climate crisis and its dimensions of justice in education and creative practice. For several years, it has been collecting new forms of learning practice for art schools. Two topics have not yet been addressed and are being taught for the first time at the UdK Berlin:

In the first part of the block seminar, we visit the E-Werk Luckenwalde, take part in a workshop to construct a sculpture that produces solar energy, listen to inputs on fire ecology and the climate-friendly energy transition from grassroots.
In the second block, we move through material cycles, from waste and power structures to repair cultures and new ideas and seeds for the learning fields of the future.

Klasse Klima is working on firmly anchoring these areas at the University of the Arts. Your demands and wishes for a study program that is aligned within planetary boundaries will be incorporated. We can present these during the Rundgang on July 19 and 20, 2024.


The meetings will be held in German, we can switch to English if necessary.
Unfortunately, we ourselves do not provide sign language translation, but we can organize interpreters if needed.
The Floating University is accessible via a ramp. Toilets and workspaces are accessible at ground level, some platforms (e.g. kitchen) are only accessible via stairs.
The E-WERK Luckenwalde has barriers in the form of steps to the main exhibition rooms. The site is barrier-free, but the entire town is characterized by many historic cobblestone streets. There is a barrier-free WC.
Please let us know your access needs and preferred language when you register and we will try to accommodate them.